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Who Knew?!
Tuesday, 6 November 2007, 3:59 pm

5th November (Monday) -The Greatest Day Ever!

Mdm. Lao made us leaders attend a meeting today. I just couldn't do it alone. So I asked Siow Hui to come along with me. Half way to the Administrative Office, Siow Hui suddenly shouted out, "Christine!"
Then we went to look for her. Siow Hui went back to class earlier. That leaves Christine & I. During the meeting, Christine & I were like crazy. We kept laughing non stop.
When it was our turn, Mdm. Lao asked Christine rather she was the one who did kung foo on the stage. Well, I wouldn't say it's kung foo. Christine said yes though. Mdm. Lao said she wanted to see Christine later on.
So obviously, Christine started to panic. She kept asking me,"What did I do wrong?". I had to be like, "Nothing".
This is the best part.
At around eleven thirty, we went to the hall with the rest of the group. Mdm. Lao's orders. So she started praising and also critisizing the groups. My whole group was expecting the worse critisism. But we were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG. Actually, we got the best praise yet. I mean, Mdm. Lao said Chee Yong's was the best. But she also said that our Step Up Final Showcase was THE most special group among ALL. To our surprise, the group which got the most critisism is Amelia's. Mdm. Lao said that the moves are way too inappropriate. And also that everyone just did their own thing without following their dance routine. The most shocking thing is that they ALMOST got DISQUALIFIED. Just almost.

I guess what people say is correct. You'll only get mistreated only if you mistreat others. That's it. Amelia, Kristy, in fact the whole N class group (who accused us for stealing their moves without any reasonable proof) mistreated us. I guess this is just karma.
Anyways, after that, there were a few groups that had to perform. So during their performance, Mdm. Lao was like giving us advice on what we should and shouldn't do. And she even told Christine how to make the slow part more interesting. The main thing is, Mdm. Lao was trying to make us the best. She wants us to perform for every occasion perfectly.
Of all the group, she picked mine to help out.
Is it because we're too lousy??!
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