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Visiting Japan (Part Two) - Tokyo Disneyland!
Saturday, 20 August 2016, 11:43 pm

내 몸이 불타오르고 있어 - Giriboy
Hello and hello! Maybe I should start putting up what I'm currently listening to more often because what better representation of the phases of life I'm going through than music lol.
Today I am finally going to blog about my visit to Tokyo Disneyland!!! Visiting Tokyo Disneyland really meant a lot to me because it was the one and only travel destination on my bucket list (refuse to hop onto the "bucket list" bandwagon but really dont know how else to express it lol). Tokyo Disneyland is A LOT bigger than what I had expected (more than double of USS I would say) and we made the mistake of getting the one-day ticket because we really didnt have enough time to fully explore and appreciate the park in its entirety!! Nonetheless, I'm really grateful that I had this opportunity to visit Tokyo Disneyland in this lifetime. What a great time to be alive LOL.
picture above Alice in Wonderland themed castle ft my pink Minnie Mouse hairband that my sis was wearing!! This photo looks great against my blog header because of the pastel colors of the castle lol!

We made a stop and had breakfast before we arrived in Disneyland! Looks really basic but it was really good! They have tea bag coasters (blue). We had to take a special Disney train to get to the resort and one of my greatest regret is not taking photo of the giant DUFFY BEAR that was there, thinking that I would pass it again when we were leaving Disneyland. </3

The theme at Tokyo Disneyland when I visited was Frozen (bless because Frozen is very near and dear to me and I absolutely love it). So when we first entered the park there is this huge Frozen structure! Took the photo from the side because there were visitors queuing to have their photo taken with it from the front.

The legendary Walt Disney and Minnie Mouse statue! Our first stop was the gift shop so we could wear the Disney merchandise for the day too! They had a lot of other hats of other Disney characters. It was hard for me to pick one but decided to buy the classic Minnie ears.

Marching band passing by just when we came out from the gift store! We were really lucky in that we coincidentally were always at the right place at the right time just in time to watch a lot of parades and performances!!

The magical Cinderella's castle which was right at the center of Disneyland! Super gorgeous isnt it! Plus the weather on that day was so perfect. There were a lot of people gathered right in front of the castle because a Frozen sing a long was just about to start!

Frozen sing a long with Olaf, Anna and Elsa! They spoke in Japanese and sang the Japanese versions of the songs! There were dancers and kids on the ground too but I was really really far away so couldnt really see them lol.
There was a really really big parade when my sis and I were queuing up to ride on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant with all of the Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh, all the Disney princesses etc!! It was really really magical but no photos because the place where we were queuing at was partially covered! But I'm really really glad that I even got the chance to see it in real life! <3
We went on a coupla rides but photos on most (if not all) of them are forbidden.

More Frozen characters ft random duck! Ducks are everywhere even in Tokyo Disneyland!

The side of the castle there was a lake! A+ to the Japanese for being so meticulous that reality in Disneyland seemed altered - a true simulacra. There was almost no one taking photos of the side of the castle but it's equally as nice what!

More photos of the Fantasyland part of Disneyland~
The inside of Cinderella's caslte is filled with murals (picture below)! Underneath the mural is the entrance to a gift shop selling princessy accessories! There was also demonstrations of how the glasswork on sale were made.

Window of the Winnie the Pooh gift shop! Different gift shops have different themes, so the merchandise in all of them will be different!
picture below our lunch in Hungry Bear inside Disneyland! The food was not Mickey-shaped as I had anticipated LOL. It was Japanese curry chicken with a burger. The food was soso~

When we came out of the restaurant, a Frozen parade was just about to start so we waited for it!! Was so lucky that I was right in front so here are plenty of up close photos of the parade! There was a lot of singing and dancing and snow shot out of the Olaf carts that the dancers were pushing! The sun was right in front of me so coloring of the photos are a bit weird lol.

I bought this super cute Frozen candy! You can see samples of how the candy inside looks like! We also tried the churros there which came in (surprise surprise) Frozen wrapper! Look at the little girl at the back with her Mr Potato popcorn container!! Different stalls in the different "worlds" of Disneyland sells a different popcorn container, with different popcorn flavours. I bought a Minnie Mouse bow one.

We went for ride after ride after our churros until it was dark. It was dusk when we were riding on the Mark Twain Riverboat, which basically is like a cruise! Took the photo of Cinderella's Castle on the boat!
Because we went to Tokyo during non-peak time, we didnt have to queue that long for any of the rides! Maybe 10-15mins at the most? There was very few people on the Mark Twain boat too so we had plenty of opportunity to fully appreciate the ride!

We also got to watch the Disney Dream Lights Parade!!! Everything was so perfect! Marie Aristocat is my favourite Disney character and even her mascot is so cute!!
I took these photos with flash and until this day I still feel sorry for the people who were in front of me....

Mickey statue in one of the gift shops! The stores are all flooded with people cos it was super cold and windy outside and we were all waiting for the Disney fireworks show (which eventually got cancelled cos of the weather sobs).

More photos of gift shop windows and cute merchandise! Olaf plush toys sold outside usually looks kinda creepy although I love Olaf a lot myself, but even the Olaf plush toys in Disneyland are cute!

There is also a bakery called Sweetheart Cafe where all the bakes kept to the Disney theme! We tried the Mike melon bun and other things~ Melon buns are really everywhere in Japan!

Cinderella's Castle at night! I'm really glad that I took these photos so you can see how the castle looks at different times of the day.

Ending my post with a photo of a popcorn cart that sold the Olaf popcorn container! In retrospect, I kinda regret not getting the Olaf one. I will be posting up the stuff I bought from Tokyo Disneyland together with the rest of my Tokyo haul because that's how I stupidly took the photos lol.
Getting the opportunity to visit Tokyo Disneyland is definitely one of the most magical things that has happened in my life and I will definitely hold this memory very very close to my heart. It was truly an experience on its own and I will definitely be back again one day!


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Hello, hello
Monday, 15 August 2016, 10:55 pm

 Hi guys. It has been a few months since my last post. I do intend to put up the rest of my Tokyo trip posts. But before that, I thought I would lay down what I've been up to during the time I disappeared from this space. For the past year or two (or ever since I've started putting more time into school and taking my studies more seriously), I have thought about what I would do with this space now that the blogging fad is long gone. No one really (myself included) brings out their DSLRs out for a shoot anymore. What with all the written work and assignments we do, it's hard to adjust to writing casually for a blog post, something which I used to do leisurely. Turning my laptop on used to be something I did for fun, but now the screen is screaming at me to do something productive. Sometimes when I'm on photoshop I wonder what the point of all this is now that there are filters. When I look back at my old posts, even the ones from my time in college two years ago, it makes me cringe a little like how you would when you see an old photo of your pre-teen self from 10 years back and wonder wtf you were thinking LOL. But in the end I always find myself coming back here, because I have spent a good part of my life maintaining this blog, in that it has become a part of what I do. After trips or events I've been to, I find myself naturally plugging in my SD card, shortlisting photos and editing them all one by one. When new people who came into my life during the past few years learn that I do graphic and web design, they get confused and so do I, because I wonder how in hell I strayed to a direction so uncalled for; a direction so irrelevant to what I'm pursuing right now. Editing photos and web designing are so foreign to me now. But I guess that's what working and adult life does to you - you become a blank slate doing nothing but the work relevant to your industry while achieving material success. Sometimes I feel that it's so sad and such a waste whenever I revisit the now-dead blogs of the people I used to follow and look up to back when I was a teen, because they influenced me so much from my character to my personal taste and my editing style. My will to keep up my blogging and design is perpetuated even more when I get the occasional comment on Instagram or Twitter from people who still follow this space, telling me that my photos are nice and asking for me to update it more often. I dunno, I guess I really cant pull myself to let everything that I have been building here for the past 9 years (yes it has been 9 freaking years wtf) go down the drain.
Okay I dont really know where that ramble of an introduction came from but I'll stick to it lol. Anyways I'm opening my post with Giriboy's Skit. I shared Zion T's See Through on this blog in 2014 and he recently blew up so I still insist on embedding videos on here although it's such an old thing to do, hoping that someone out there appreciates my taste in music LOL.

 As I mentioned in my previous post, what kept me busy for the past coupla months were my internships so I will tell you more about how those went. I was lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to intern at these firms from my uni because I won a book prize. During the two months, more than anything I realised how lucky I have been in that I always went to a school never even an hour's drive away from where I live. Having to take the trains during the past two months really took a toll on me because I really couldnt deal with the reality of how uncivilised people can be. Random strangers (men and women both) will try to provoke you for a fight out of nowhere, people will conveniently push you aside to cut your queue just so that they dont have to wait for the next train (although the friggin train comes every 5mins), when the train is approaching people at the back will start pushing the people at the front without any regard for anyone's safety (a bunch of people falling onto the train track seems to be a small price to pay to go home 5mins earlier LOL). I find it even harder to digest the fact that these people are equally indifferent even for the safety of kids when the train is literally jam packed. Seeing high school and college kids taking the trains every day, I really dont know what kind of hollow being I would have become if I had to face this reality of the world every single day for such a long period of time. But in retrospect, especially after hearing from my ex-colleague about all the things she had to go through like being molested, having her phone stolen, I am really lucky.
I guess what made my horrifying commute worthwhile were the wonderful people that I have met during my internships. I feel like I was a complete wreck during my first internship because I knew my work sucked and I had absolutely no chill about anything because everything was just so new to me, to the point that I was having second thoughts about continuing my degree LOL. But of course, things got a lot better over time and I am eternally grateful for all the support, love and care I received from those around me during that period of time. When things were so hectic and everything was moving so quickly, I really held onto all the encouragement and support I received to keep moving forward. I guess interactions like these makes an otherwise mundane and meaningless working life worthwhile.

It is August now and I have less than a month until I am off across the globe to England for uni. This is by far the greatest journey I have ever embarked on and I dont really know what to do with my limited time left. It's too early to start stressing, but time is running out so I cant keep walking at the same pace~

I redesigned the header of my blog a little while ago! What inspired me are watercolor tattoos and thin line tattoos which have been flooding my Instagram Explore page for quite a while now! I think they are absolutely stunning and am seriously considering getting one myself but I am so worried about how they would fade over the years. Plus I know that these styles are not popular here yet so finding a suitable artist will be a challenge too. :( It has been so long since I've done anything on Photoshop besides editing photos but I'm glad I still managed to pick up where I left off hehe.


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